Ask anything about periods with South Africa’s rising star on Messenger



Build brand awareness for Stayfree® South Africa through a locally relevant, digitally-led movement that amplifies their global strategy of making periods more comfortable to talk about. 



Many period myths circulate in South Africa, but there are no easy places to turn to online. There are many things our audience wouldn’t ask in a comment or publicly on social media.



We partnered with one of South Africa’s biggest rising stars to launch a Facebook Messenger bot that lets you learn and ask anything about periods anonymously. 

Case Study

How it worked

Sho Madjozi invited South Africa to chat on Messenger through a mobile-first online film.

Along with relatable social content that also drove people to chat on Messenger.

Users met Sho Madjozi and a team of experts on Messenger to chat, learn and ask anything they like about periods through 15 unique, interactive paths.


We made periods more comfortable to talk about in just three months.